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Swiss humanitarian aid, Switzerland 2019


Develop demonstration prototype for Swiss Humanitarian Aid exhibition.

Project objectives

Devolpment and construction of one prototype for the exhibition, recycling 300 L of water per day.

Project description

The Swiss Humanitarian Aid integrated one prototype of the handwashing system into the exhibition, which also included the topic of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. The exhibition in Bern was well attended and people were using the system during one day. The system was then automated and further evaluated in the laboratory using contaminated water to gain data on performance, flowrates depending on water quality and microbial regrowth.

Results / Outcomes

For constructing this prototype we have evaluated a new way of constructing containers using fiber glass. This rapid prototyping way allows construction of water tight tanks in different flexible forms adapting better to the technical and user needs. The prototype was further evaluated in the labs of FHNW.

Handwashing Systems

1 Handwashing prototype station, recycling 300L of water per day.

Partners /

Donors /


Partners: FHNW

Donors: Swiss humanitarian aid and self-funded

Duration: 2019

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