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Water-recycling handwashing stations

Our gravity driven water-recycling handwashing stations provide access to safe handwashing in contexts where it does not happen: in areas with limited water and/or power supply. Gravit`eau handwashing stations purify and recycle the handwash-water for the next user without need for a regular water supply or access to electricity. The handwashing station is a micro scale wastewater treatment system, that contains multiple treatment steps and removes pathogens from the water.

In combination with the appropriate behavior change intervention, Gravit’eau is a game-changing hardware and software intervention that will exponentially increase handwashing in humanitarian and water-scarce settings and thus foster public health.

Gravit'eau Handwashing station

How does the water-recycling handwashing station work?

This animation shows the principal mechanism of the Gravit'eau water-recycling handwashing station:

The advantages of the Gravit'eau water-recycling handwashing stations:

  • Highly efficient: using 5 mL water per hand wash, compared to 0.5-1 L required by conventional handwashing stations

  • Watersaving: Save around 3000 L of water every 10 days in a school of 500 children 

  • Self-sufficient: Do not require regular water supply, electricity or drainage. Refill is needed every 2-4 weeks.

  • Innovative: Use an innovative, multistage biological gravity-driven membrane filtration system.

  • Safe: Ensure water is safe – free of microbial contamination. And: due to contactless tap - reduces the risk of hand (re)contamination

  • Local production: Can be produced with locally available materials while only a compact and light hardware kit must be delivered from Europe

  • Adaptable: Can be adapted to different needs, sizes and contexts

«Where can I buy a Gravit'eau handwashing station?»


Check our FAQ for more information!

The design of our water-recycling handwashing station is modular. It can be easily adapted to the needs of different usergroups, in size and context.


To build a handwashing system locally you need

  • A kit including a membrane module, a foot pump and press tap (depending on design option), a set of connectors, a set of basic tools, a liquid or foam soap dispenser (if required)

  • A detailed manual (related to the chosen design) will be provided by our team

  • Local workshop trained by Gravit`eau team to build systems using locally available water containers and locally available wood, plastics or aluminium sheets for housing

  • Get in contact with us, if you think the Gravit'eau handwashing water recycling station has potential for your project!

Modular Design - Local Production

Experiences with water-recycling handwashing stations from Mafa Camp, Northern Nigeria

Video credit: © Terre des hommes

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