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Handwashing in schools and child friendly spaces in camps,
Northern Nigeria


Borno, Nigeria, remains the epicentre of protracted humanitarian crisis, with more than 1.4 million IDPs, and many conflict incidents reported monthly.The majority of the crisis-affected people have experienced extreme violence, accumulated and protracted stress and loss of family members and property. Access to basic services, including WASH services, is particularly problematic due to these high volumes of population movements. More than 1.5 million people are estimated to require WASH assistance, 57% out of these is children.

Project objectives

  • Design and evaluate systems adapted to the needs of children in schools and child friendly spaces

  • Gain evidence on performance, technical opportunities and limitations during the field evaluation in Mafa refugee camp

  • Evaluate potential for local production

  • Scale-up roadmap

Project description

Three handwashing systems were designed and built in Switzerland and four were constructed locally using locally available materials. The seven systems were implemented in child friendly spaces and schools in 2019. Technical performance and acceptance of the systems were monitored bi-weekly/monthly and focus group discussions were conducted. Covid-19 crises has led to closure of schools resulting in an interruption of the project for a period of over 6 month. Since November 2020, the systems are operational and 10 additional systems are constructed using optimized designs.

Results / Outcomes

The results of the 12 month field evaluation show that the systems are currently well accepted and used by children in CFSs and schools. All seven systems are constantly used over the design capacity. 350-600 children used each system per day, with peak uses of 1000-1600 children per day per system in schools recorded in March 2020. Water used for handwashing is reduced by approx. 97.4%. After testing different maintenance periods (1-5 times a month), the maintenance interval was kept to once a month for CFS systems, twice a month in school systems. The membrane filter reduces the bacteria counts in recycled water by 99.9-99.999%.

Handwashing Systems

17 Handwashing Systems in schools and chield friendly spaces.

Partners /

Donors /


Partners: Terre des homes, FHNW

Donors: Swiss Solidarity

Duration: 2018 - 2021

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