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Handwashing in primary health care facilities in Mali


Since 2012, Mali’s security crisis has caused significant movement of populations towards the Ségou Region, with a population of 3.2m people increasing pressure on basic services. In 2019, Tdh`s evaluation in 59 Health centres in the Ségou Region showed that 59% had no WASH service and 34% had limited service. The country's health system is fragile, the state currently faces significant difficulties in care of COVID-19 cases. The poject activities take place in primary health care facilities in primary health care facilities in Ségou Region.

Project objectives

  • Design and evaluate the handwashing systems for different user groups in primary health care facilities

  • Establish local production and evaluate the quality control procedures

  • Gain evidence on performance, user acceptance and operation and maintenance needs

Project description

The Handwashing systems were implemented as a part of COVID-19 response project. We adapted the design of the systems to fit the needs of the primary health care facilities and developed construction manuals and operation guidelines. 10 systems were constructed locally and implemented in primary health care facilities. Evaluation is ongoing.

Results / Outcomes

All 10 systems are in regular use. The evaluation is ongoing.

Handwashing Systems

10 handwashing systems in primary health care facilities

Partners /

Donors /


Partners: Terre des homes, FHNW

Donors: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

Duration: 2020 - 2021

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