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Who we are

Gravit`eau is a non-profit association. We develop, support and implement projects, technologies and concepts for handwashing, water recycling and on-site drinking water treatment.  We focus on innovative and sustainable technologies and concepts for emergencies, schools, health care facilities and public spaces in low-income settings and remote areas not connected to power and water supply.  

Our History

Summer 2017 : Three friends join together one evening and develop a plan: for a music festival with limited water supply they want to create a facility, that is able to clean, recycle the used water and is driven only by gravity. In the same night they found an association: Gravit’eau. Some days later they build the first type of a Gravit’eau water-recycling handwashing station. Soon afterwards the idea of the handwashing station is picked for humanitarian issues and first pilot projects are caried out in Africa. Simultaneously the processes and ingredients of the handwashing stations as well as the behaviour of people towards them are becoming a topic for research. Today we know that our water-recycling handwashing stations are safe, watersaving and a big gamechanger to limit deseases. Gravit’eau handwashing stations are now used and tested in refugee camps, schools, hospitals, prisons and in rural locations.


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