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Household and community water filters


Our on-site drinking water treatment systems purify surface, ground or rain water from pathogenic bacteria, viruses and protozoa providing at least 99.999% removal. The systems are modular and can be used at different scales, including household water filters or small community water supply systems. They can be used to remove particles and pathogenic parasites, bacteria and viruses from polluted and turbid surface and groundwaters. The filters can be used as a stand-alone one-step treatment or in combination with other technologies such as solar disinfection, UV disinfection, or chlorination.

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Advantages of the Gravit'eau drinking water treatment, based on the principle of gravity-driven membrane filtration (GDM)

  • Safe: 99.999% removal of particles and pathogenic parasites, bacteria and viruses from polluted  and turbid surface and groundwaters

  • Maintenance free: The membrane does not require any backflushing or cleaning. Operation and maintenance are limited to monthly draining of the water tanks.

  • Gravity-driven: Operated by gravity using a water head of only 10 cm for household systems and 20-50 cm for community systems

  • Also for turbid water: Can treat water with a turbidity of up to 300 NTU without clogging

  • Innovative: Uses an innovative, multistage biological gravity-driven membrane filtration system.

  • Local production: Can be produced using locally available materials in local workshops using only a compact and light hardware kit delivered from Europe

  • Adaptable treatment: Can be combined with post-chlorination to assure residual protection

Scalable: From household to community


Household water filter

  • Treats 2-5 L water /hour

  • Storage tank: 15 -25L

  • Minimal water head: 10 cm


Community System

  • Treats 2-6 m3 water / day

  • Storage tank: 4-6m3

  • Minimal water head: 50 cm

How do the Gravit'eau drinking water systems work?

The technology uses ultrafiltration membranes with a pore size of 20-40 nm and the gravity pressure of water to operate filters. Contrary to conventional membrane filtration systems a biofilm forms on the membranes. The flow through the membrane reduces, but the filters do not clog, due to pores and cavities forming in the biofilm. Therefore, the filters do not require back- flushing or cleaning and can be operated with very little maintenance. The filters remove Protozoa, Bacteria and Viruses and capable of treating highly turbid water.


User Guide Gravity Driven Membrane Filtration

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