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Feel Festival, Germany 2017


Feel Music Festival in Berlin, 2017. The area has very limited freshwater supply.

Project objectives

Develop and build a first prototype of the Gravit`eau handwashing systems for public use

Project description

The Feel Festival was the fist place where the Handwashing system was used publicly. The system was installed next to around 20 toilets, and was the only place to wash hands for the visitors.

Results / Outcomes

At the festival, the system was tested under great stress. A total of around 15’000 handwashing occurrences over the running period of 60 hours were counted. People accepted the system very well and were keen to use it and understood the principle very well. The insights gained during that test both forma technical and user centred design point of view helped to develop the further prototypes.

Handwashing Systems

1 Handwashing prototype station, recycling 1000L of water per day.

Partners /

Donors /


Partners: Feel Festival, FHNW, eawag

Donors: Feel Festival and self-funded

Duration: 2017

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