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The Gravit'eau water-recycling Handwashing station were presented at various events on Festivals and Expositions:

Paléo Féstival Nyon, Switzerland 2022

At Paléo Music Festival in Nyon our Partner Terre des hommes installed a Gravit'eau water- recycling handwashing station for festival users. Also you could play the Gravit'eau game!

World Water Forum, Dakar Senegal, 2022

The foldable Gravit'eau waterrecycling handwashing station was first presented at the world water forum in Dakar. The whole water recycling system fits into a suitcase and can thus easily be transported anywhere!

Prototype Presentation Terre des hommes, 2020

In the end of 2019 we built a new prototype that contained many improvements. Most visibly the now typical water saving tap, but also a sandfilter, a foam soap dispenser, a mirror and an exchangeable activ carbon filter. In february 2020 this station was presented to our partner Terre des hommes.

Swiss humanitarian aid day, Bern Switzerland 2019

A completely new prototype was built for the Swiss humanitarian aid day in Bern. This prototype was much more compact, than the previuous version.

Feel Festival, Germany 2017

The very first prototype of a Graviteau water-recycling handwashing station was designed and constructed for the Feel music Festival in Germany. The huge system was designed using two IBC containers with 1000L Water volume.

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