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Gravit'eau drinking water treatment and greywater recycling systems

Gravit'eau is a non-profit organisation that develops innovative and self-sufficient solutions for handwashing recycling and drinking water systems. All solutions are powered exclusively by gravity and require no electricity. The development and implementation are focused on robust designs and globally applicable concepts, using local materials. Gravit'eau’s products are so far mainly used in emergency shelters, schools, health facilities and public spaces. Due to climate change, areas of water scarcity are increasing, and with it the range of potential users is growing. Especially in low-income areas and remote locations, our solutions provide a quick, cost-effective, and simple improvement in living conditions. Gravit'eau provides clean water and hygiene for people who would otherwise no have access to it.

Clean drinking water is still not accessible for more than 2 billion people

Today, 2 billion people worldwide have to get water for their daily needs from polluted sources. A quarter of all deaths in developing countries are due to contaminated water.

The drinking water on-site treatment systems purify surface, ground or rainwater from pathogenic bacteria, viruses and protozoa, providing at least 99.999% removal.

Gravit'eau water-recycling handwashing station explained by users

Clean hands prevent illness

Washing hands with soap can save lives. It is the most effective and cheapest way to prevent life-threatening diarrhoeal diseases. To date, almost one billion children and many more adults still lack adequate sanitation facilities."

The handwashing station recycles water by using a special membrane using 5 mL water per hand wash, compared to 0.5-1 L required by conventional handwashing stations.

Gravit'eau handwashing stations win humanitarian innovation award

Award winning technology

Gravit'eau handwashing station was awarded with the prestigous Humanitarian Innovation fund!!!

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